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Ro is now working with a business partner to open up the city’s first cat café, a space where Torontonians can hang out with felines.“I think with people who are independent, they want to be focused, but they want to be loved too. you know that animal will give you unconditional love.”Mr.

Search for art and artists worldwide, including artists by name, medium, art movement or nationality and artworks by title.It provides a unique snapshot of the lives of your ancestors.1911uk brings this vast resource to you online, so that you can search the census simply and quickly to discover how your family lived in the past.Animal experts say North American pet owners are forming stronger, closer relationships with their pets than they did two decades ago.An Ipsos Reid survey found eight in 10 Canadian pet owners consider their pet to be a family member and a Purina study found 90% of owners talk to their pets. In Vancouver, one woman told reporters last month she was taking what she called “maternity leave” for her new puppy.Petrone bought Lucy, a Bernese Mountain dog, a year and a half ago after the dog he grew up with in Hamilton, Ont., passed away.

He missed the companionship that came with having a pet in his life. lap dog” tags along on cottage getaways, hangs out at backyard barbeques, and listened to him explain the rules of soccer during the FIFA World Cup.“This is going to sound so weird — I talk to her all the time,” says Mr.

A Hector's world character will then swim at the top of the screen and if you are confused or frightened by anything you see online.

The 1911 census is a record of everyone who lived in England and Wales in 1911.

According to a Canadian Pet Market Outlook report, about half of Canadian households without children own pets.

Free from family-related expenses, their disposable income buoys Canada’s growing pet industry, valued at $6.6-billion in 2013 and expected to reach $8.3-billion by 2018, the report states.

Alfredo Petrone says there’s “something special” about his female companion Lucy. She’s his dog.“If it’s a friend or a girlfriend, there’s always points in time where … Petrone is in his fourth year of a Doctor of Chiropractic program at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto.