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Trikotaza ivkovic online dating

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Opis firme: Krojačka radnja Barbara nalazi se kod zgrade opštine Voždovac, u blizini osnovne škole Dositej Obradović. U našoj ponudi možete pronaći veliki izbor muških, ženskih i dečijih čitaj dalje...

The analogy that sport is war by other means too often involves people forgetting the other means part. Merely keeping them away is a grander level of ignoring the problem, leaving it to another aspect of society to fix.It’s on us, all of us, the overwhelming majority of basketball lovers across Europe and the world to not just say ‘no more’ but to make it no more.It is not okay for us to just look after our own patch and say there’s no trouble there.Ivkovic’s killer should be prosecuted to bring justice in this case but it can not be the end.Punitive action for one incident can’t do as much for this young man’s memory as positive action to prevent the next such tragedy.No, we must embrace those who would consider acting with violence and show them that sport can be a peaceful release from the frustrations of life.

They may not welcome it but that is course we must pursue.

Can Pelister, a sports journalist, had to carry out a duty no-one assigned to report on basketball should ever be tasked with in covering this tragedy. We have become accustomed to violence at our games and while we don’t like it, we expect it to happen and at best look for someone to do something about it. Marko Ivkovic’s blood is on my hands and your hands because we allow this culture to exist.

Marko Ivkovic, 25 years old, died because we have been comfortable leaving the responsibility in the hands of others.

We need basketball, we need sport, to be a place where even those who would entertain such thoughts know it is not the done thing.

Simply keeping those of violent intent away sweeps the problem under a thicker carpet.

It doesn’t matter that Galatasaray won in double overtime.