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The consensus highlight of the 2015 FSTA Winter Conference was the keynote from Adam Krejcik of Eilers Research, who sparked no shortage of interest and discussion with his “14 Bold (Mostly Bullish) Predictions About The Future of DFS.” Before walking through the list, it’s important to first restate Krejcik’s caveat: these predictions do not represent “baseline expectations,” but rather “some possibilities over the next 3-5 years” with the expectation that “at least a few predictions come to fruition.” With that said, let’s survey Krejcik’s possible paths ahead for the daily fantasy sports market.

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For example, the NBA has not only a marketing partnership with Fan Duel, but also a equity stake in the company.Krejcik’s report adds to the chorus of voices critical of those predictions.He estimates $226mm in online gambling revenue once the market is “mature” – a state Krejcik puts as two or three years out from now.Eilers sees the crossover happening in 2016 (and DFS never looking back).Growth in mobile sports betting in Nevada (or a stall in the stratospheric growth of DFS) could theoretically push this back a year or so, but that’s probably a stretch.There, Ader argued that “it is very likely we will be seeing one or perhaps both Fan Duel and Draft Kings in the IPO markets” in 2015. The first calls for “one state where the law is unclear or questionable about legality to allow DFS cash games within the next 12-24 months.” With two of those states – Montana and Washington – seeing DFS bills filed within days of the new year, this prediction is arguably among the surest bets of the lot. That’s a more aggressive prediction, both because it calls for five states to reverse course from blocked to allowed and because it assumes no states will move to restrict the activity.

The second part calls for real-money DFS to be available in all U. Speaking of regulation, Krejcik predicts that it won’t present the biggest threat to the industry.

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Krejcik speculates that the DFS leader “files for an IPO in early CY16, predicts entry fees of over $2.5bln for the upcoming year” and that the deal “is oversubscribed,” resulting in the company listing on the NASDAQ with a valuation of over $2bn.