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Htc evo friend stream not updating

Sometimes if it seems the vehicle’s Sync microphone cannot “hear you.” This is usually due to out-dated Sync software.

Then go to your phone, to the Settings, Bluetooth Settings, and push Add Device.The Sync system will then ask if you want to make this the Primary Phone, push OK on the steering wheel or console. When it asks to Download Phonebook, now you can push OK, and OK again, and it will download the phone contacts.It may take the system a few minutes to index all of the contacts in your cell phone’s phone book.Secondly if i call a number the screen goes black immediately.Total pain cos you cant see if you’ve connected and have to keep pressing top then trying to get to no’s quick enough for call centre anser services. Then, tap your message and click on View message details. In order to delete system applications (yes, Facebook is system application for some reason) you’ll need to root your phone. To answer your questions: - You can change case, of course – check this page.The 6-digit PIN gets an Android or Blackberry phone confused so the Phonebook does not download completely, or at all. Using the 4-digit PIN corrects that and it seems to hold the Bluetooth signals better so it doesn’t drop calls or shift back into Privacy Mode.

Be sure to register an account on Ford’s Sync My Ride website.

Then loosen and pull the black battery cable clamp assembly off the battery post for about a minute. This completes the initial part of the “Clean Pairing” process.

Now, to “Pair” a phone for the first time, to add a new Bluetooth device, or to continue the “Clean Pairing” process, now go to the Phone Menu, System Settings, Bluetooth Devices, Add Bluetooth Device, then push OK to begin pairing and the system will come back with a 6-digit PIN.

Then go to the phone, to its Settings folder, Bluetooth Settings, Connected Devices, and then “delete” the phone. This procedure signals your vehicle to “reboot” from factory specs and it refreshes the system.

As an added measure, turn your vehicle off, and raise the hood. It may require you to rest your clock and to check preset radio station selections.

Today we’ll learn how to fix HTC Friend Stream problem (in last few days people are complaining about Facebook not updating etc) plus some other cool things. I have recently purchased a HTC desire C and was happy with it for the first 2 days. Spent hours going through the menus and now have a smaller clock underneath that’s local but can’t get rid of it.