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The per-capita income in 1999 for NHPIs was $15,054.That is 37% lower than the $23,918 per capita income for Whites and 31% lower than the $21,823 figure for Asian Americans.

S., there are nearly 93,000 people of pure or part-Chamorro descent. Though the government has lobbied to free Guam from its "unincorporated" U. territory status, the island has yet to be granted the Commonwealth recognition given Puerto Rico. In terms of aggregate figures, NHPIs tend to lag behind most other groups.After Samoans, the next-largest NHPI group are the natives of the island of Guam, also known as Chamorro. Besides the cultural and ethnic differences between Asians and Pacific Islanders, one of the main motivations for NHPI activists to fight for separate racial recognition by the Census Bureau was the very real socioeconomic differences between the groups.There are only about 157,000 people living on today's multicultural Guam, of whom about half are Chamorro. Indeed, while some NHPIs have very high incomes and educations, a disproportionate percentage are impoverished, have lower educations, and may require or need public assistance.The Akaka bill would provide an avenue for both the people of Hawai'i and the U. Congress to correct the historical injustices they have suffered collectively as a people, and enable them to exercise self-determination through self-governance, in order to heal as a people. There are more than 130,000 Samoans living in the U.S., with two-thirds being monoracial and another third being multiracial.That may be indicative of the relative youthfulness of the NHPI population more than anything else -- the median age for the general population is 35.3 years old; for Asians, it is 31.1 years old, while for NHPIs it is just 25.4 years old.

However, in educational attainment for those 25 years or older, about one quarter of NHPIs has a bachelor's degree or more. Suggested reference: Mc Gregor, Davianna and Edmund Moy.

A man in Hawaii is lucky to be alive after an electronic cigarette exploded in his face, destroying at least four of his teeth and leaving severe burns around his mouth.

Matt Yamashita said that he will require extensive surgery to repair the damage done to his mouth after his Coil ART Mage blew up on Sunday out Palisades Park in Pearl City.

'I just got out my car and I was ready to play basketball, but I just wanted to take a few puffs of vape before I played,' the 25-year-old told CBS affiliate WNEM.'As soon as I took that first rip, it just blew up in my face.

My right hand was burning, it was black.' Yamashita told WNEM that he purchased the e-cigarette over the Internet about six-months ago, but only started using the device last week.

He noted that he had used the electronic cigarette twice before the Sunday incident.