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A total of 33 independent estates were purchased by the firm.To manage these estates, the Kannan Devan Hills Produce Company was established in 1897.

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In 1879, Munro established the North Travancore Land Planting & Agricultural Society.Tea cultivation was started by a European planter, A. Parvathy is presently the Seven Mallay estate’s part.James Finlay and Company Limited (Finlay Muir & Company) started tea plantation in this region in 1895.ALSO READ Rainy season in Kerala: 5 places in Kerala you must visit this monsoon!Munnar gained popularity as a tourist destination in the second half of 20 th century.There are two parts of Munnar, the Old Munnar and Munnar.

You will find most of the hotels and guest houses in Munnar and the tourist information office in Old Munnar.

The Muthuvan tribal community was the early inhabitants of Munnar and till the second half of the 19 th century, it was still unexplored and wild.

Later, Munnar was developed as a plantation town by John Daniel Munro, the then British resident to Travancore.

Once the summer resort for the British, Munnar is known for its pleasant climate and pristine beauty.

The rolling hills covered in mist intersected by the winding road, the dark emerald green coloured plantation and the few lone houses in midst of it will instantly make you fall in love with this place.

Munnar is a very popular destination among the honeymooners.