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Facebook might be great for your teens, and CBeebies for your younger children, but not if they are supposed to be doing something else.Many parents want to control access to the Internet, for example allowing access to acceptable web sites for specified times of day only.

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Dray Tek's Web Content Filtering can be applied to any device capable of accessing the Internet, such as Smart TVs, Tablets and Mobile Phones, which may not otherwise have filtering solutions available.There is also the potential to 'innocently' download software and install it on local PCs, unwittingly introducing spyware or trojans onto your network.Features 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6 of the above are included with the router.For your adult users in the home, you may want to block access to sites which have a high probability of being infected with malware.You may also wish to block your own computers from sending emails in case of trojan/zombie infection.Even more importantly these activities can put your businesses computers and network at risk.

A recent survey of 10,000 employees indicated that 44% admitted to spending time on the Internet for personal use, for up to 2.1 hours per day.

Feature 2 is included but requires an annual subscription to the external server, which keeps a real-time constantly updated database of web sites. Features supported varies with router model; please check on specification for confirmation of Web Content Filter capabilities.

In Keyword Matching you can specify a list of either banned (blacklist)) or permitted sites (whitelist).

The Global View central database is continuously updated with new sites and changes to sites but also records normally legitimate sites which have become compromised or contain malware (a unique feature to Global View).

Access to the Global View server requires an annual subscription.

The example below would allow access to all sites except the ones listed: A whitelist, on the other hand, is much more restrictive on what your users can access as it blocks all web sites by default and then only allows access to web sites which match your keywords.