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It did feel good as he slowly teased my nipples & squeezed my breasts. I looked at him warily & he nodded his approval & mouthed “you need it” at me.

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(Secretly I like my large breasts & enjoy showing a bit of cleavage, but I don’t let them know that…. lol)It was just on dark by this stage, I was the only one in there & suddenly Hubby was behind me with his hands on my shoulders.He whispers quietly in my ear, “Why don’t you remove your top & swim topless? ”I thought about this for a moment & I normally would have said no, but after having about 6 glasses of Bundy & drinking them down like lolley-water, (that’s the prob with Bundies…) I dunno, I was feeling a bit cheeky & it was darn hot & I haven’t swam topless in years, so what the hell, I nodded & said OK.I turned around to face the guys sitting at the table, with my back facing hubby & he reached up & untied my top, removing it.I placed this animal sex video for everyone online to see the slut’s vicious face. I want to warn all men who have big dogs at home – make sure your wife does not fuck your dog when you are away.I am sure you will not be happy to shaft the same pussy where an odd-looking canine tool has been working a couple of hours ago!In most simple words I must state that this is definitely AWSOME.[flash amateur cunt fucked by dog on

I never told I was a perfect husband, but even with all the drawbacks I have I did not deserve to be treated like that!

I stood there frozen with horror and did not know what to do.

Then I shouted out the slut’s name scaring her to death, grabbed my camera and made her continue fucking with the dog and sucking his big purple cock.

One recent hot, summer evening, I was sitting around the outdoor table by the pool after enjoying a great BBQ with my hubby & a group of his mates from work. I was drinking a bottle of Bundaburg mixed with ginger beer, otherwise called a “Dark & Stormy” My favourite & only alcohol beverage.

I had had a ‘few’ drinks, it was a hot evening & the pool was looking inviting again.

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